Elected Committees

Executive Committee (term: four years maximum)

Patricia Simpson, Chair
Errapel Mejias-Vicandi, Vice Chair, ex officio

  • Jordan Stump, French
    1st Year: 11-12
  • Radha Balasubramanian, LCTL
    1st Year: 15-16
  • Priscilla Hayden-Roy, German
    1st Year: 11-12
  • Oscar Pereira, Spanish
    1st Year: 11-12

Salary Merit Advisory Committee (term: two years)

Patricia A. Simpson, Chair

  • Ikuho Amano (S15-S16, LCTL)
  • Nora Peterson (S16, French)
  • Isabel Velázquez (S15-S16, Spanish)
  • Christina Brantner (S16-S17, German)
  • Liz Enkin (S17-S18, At Large)

Section Heads (AY 2016-2017)

  • French: Jordan Stump
  • German: Priscilla Hayden-Roy
  • LCTL: Radha Balasubramanian
  • Spanish: Oscar Pereira Zazo

Section Representatives (term: one year)

  • French GTA: Ben Lesiak
  • French Lecturer: Catherine Johnson
  • German GTA: Kaylee Barber
  • German Lecturer: Christiane "Jana" Jensen
  • Lecturer (LCTL): Hana Waisserova
  • Spanish GTA: Marcus Barbosa
  • Spanish Lecturer: Bethany Sanio

Lecturer Representative to the Department (term: one year)

  • Catherine Johnson

Appointed Committees

Curriculum (term: two years)

Errapel Mejias-Vicandi, Chair

  • Abla Hasan (15-17, LCTL)
  • Christina Brantner (Spring 17, German)
  • Lola Lorenzo (15-17, Spanish)
  • Nora Peterson (14-16, French)
  • GTA: Kaylee Barber
  • Lecturer: Bethany Sanio
  • Undergraduate: Valeria Rodriquez

Grade Appeals: Two faculty members serving on curriculum committee, selected by chair of the curriculum committee (one from language/second outside language), to be appointed as necessary to review student appeals.

Graduate Committee & Graduate Advisors (term: three years)

Rigoberto Guevara, Chair (14-16, Spanish)

  • Jordan Stump (15-17, French)
  • Iker González-Allende (14-16, Spanish)
  • Patricia A. Simpson (ex officio)
  • Priscilla Hayden-Roy (Spring 17, German)
  • GTA: Alicia Herraiz Gutiérrez

Other Appointments

Language Coordinators

  • Coordinator of Basic Program in French:
    Catherine Johnson
  • Coordinator of Basic Program in German:
    Christiane (Jana) Jensen
  • Coordinator of Basic Program in Japanese:
    Ikuho Amano
  • Coordinator of Basic Program in Spanish:
    Kelly Kingsbury Brunetto
  • Coordinator of Intermediate Program in Spanish:
    Bethany Sanio

Coordinators for Faculty-Led Study Abroad Experiences

  • Christina Brantner (Berlin, Germany)
  • Errapel Mejias-Vicandi (Deusto Program, Bilbao, Spain)
  • Lola Lorenzo (Soria, Spain; Latin & South America)
  • Iker González-Allende (Deusto Program, Bilbao, Spain)

Major Undergraduate Advisors

(including validation of transfer credit)

  • French: Laura Lynn Schafer, College of Arts and Sciences Advising Center
  • German: Christina Brantner
  • Russian: Radha Balasubramanian
  • Spanish: Lola Lorenzo

Coordinator for Assessing Proficiency in Spanish as Required by the Fulbright Fellowship Program

  • Lola Lorenzo

Language Lab

  • Alicia Herraiz Gutiérrez, GTA

Kawasaki Reading Room for Japanese Studies

  • Madoka Wayoro, Manager

Contacts for Modern Languages & Literatures

  • Liaison to Love Library: Toni Anaya
  • Press Advisory Board: Jordan Stump


  • Chair: Jhonatan Henao Munoz
  • Social Chair: Kaylee Barber


  • (Spanish) Sigma Delta Pi: Rigoberto Guevara, Faculty Advisor

Representatives to the Academic Senate

  • Rigoberto Guevara, Past President (2011-2014)