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The Department of Modern Languages & Literatures engages students and community members at all levels. We invite area high school students to campus to showcase their language learning, as well as learn about opportunities in college and beyond. Our undergraduate students are invited to join various language clubs, celebrating cultures through interaction with native speakers, watching films, even cooking demonstrations! International graduate students all over campus are also encouraged to attend our langauge clubs and share their culture with others.

What can you do? Limitless possibilities wait for you, and we will help you explore.

Language Fair

Language Fair

Language Fair provides an opportunity for high school students from across the state studying French, German, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, and Spanish to demonstrate their acquisition of language and culture in various competitive events. The events are judged by the faculty and graduate students of the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures.

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Machl 3

Mid America Conference on Hispanic Literature (MACHL)

The literatures of Spain and Latin America were featured in concurrent sessions organized by topics. Presentations were in Spanish and/or English.