The German program offered through the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures at the University of Nebraska provides students with opportunities to acquire proficiency in the use of the German language and with courses of study leading to the undergraduate major or minor in German. The department also offers degree programs at the graduate level leading to a Masters of Arts degree in German.

A German major or minor at UNL prepares students for a wide range of professional activities. Our graduates have gone on to careers in secondary and post-secondary teaching, law, psychology, the natural sciences, and engineering. UNL German majors are well prepared for graduate work in German studies as well as any other field. Many of our majors choose to double-major, some in another language or in the humanities, others in the natural or social sciences. Our faculty members’ affiliations with a number of UNL’s interdisciplinary programs (Global Studies, Judaic Studies, Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Women’s Studies) offer interesting possibilities for students wanting to broaden their study of German to related fields. Students can also do a double-major within our Department, which offers additional majors in French, Spanish, and Russian.

For information on specific courses available in German, please visit the Undergraduate Catalog.

If you want to know what courses are being offered each semester, visit the Schedule of Classes.

The major and minor requirements are spelled out in the German page of the Undergraduate Catalog. If you have questions regarding your college career/program that are not specific to obtaining a German major or minor, please contact your assigned advisor, who would be best equipped to meet your needs.

Activities for Undergraduate Students in German

Stammtisch - German Conversation Table

The German Conversation Table, or Stammtisch, will meet on Wednesdays from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm at The Watering Hole, located at  (between Subway and Cliff's lounge) in downtown Lincoln.

For more information, please contact Christiane "Jana" Jensen.

Faculty Led Study Abroad Opportunity for German Students

The Semester in Berlin

Dr. Christina Brantner

The UNL Berlin program is one of only a handful of popular semester-long study abroad programs. Undergraduate students with all majors are eligible, especially those who are wanting to do internships. The only requirement is the completion of German 101 at UNL before departure.

The choice of Berlin over more romantic places like Heidelberg becomes clear as students explore the economic, artistic and scientific world communities in Berlin, all of which are within easy daily reach. Berlin is a vibrant, global city, not just for historical monuments, music, art, or international culinary delights, but also for the environmental passion and projects on migrant issues. The language institute is world-class and the certificate at the end of the semester is internationally valid. Students live in dorms in the heart of former East Berlin while studying the German language and culture for 15 weeks. Students will also take an innovative culture class from an accompanying UNL faculty member (counting as 18 credit hours), relax in Turkish coffeehouses or old-fashioned beerhalls, and take numerous weekend trips to places like Dresden, the Baltic Sea, or Prague. Also worth noting are the close bonds and friendships that are undoubtedly created among classmates throughout their shared experience. In the spring program, you can additionally do a 2-month internship (3 credits) while taking another UNL German class. Many students visit other international classmates in the remaining time in Greece, Italy or Spain, before coming back to UNL. Berlin alumni all report that this semester abroad gave them a decisive edge in competing for jobs post-UNL graduation, as well as an unforgettable experience in Germany’s illustrious capital.

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