History of the Colloquium

For the past 37 years, the 20th and 21st Century French and Francophone Studies International Colloquium has taken place at the following universities or locations. Changes in the name of the colloquium are noted next to the year changed.

Le Colloque International a eu lieu depuis 37 ans aux sites suivants. Des changements au nom du colloque sont notés à côté de l’année du changement.

1983: City University of New York

1984: University of Michigan

1986: Louisiana State University

1987: Duke University; The name became “International Colloquium in 20th Century French Studies” instead of “French Literature”

1988: Claremont College

1989: Columbia University

1990: Iowa City

1991: University of Texas

1992: University of Pennsylvania

1993: University of Colorado

1994: Dartmouth College

1995: Stanford University

1996: University of Maryland

1997: Ohio State University

1998: Amherst College; “International Colloquium in 20th Century French and Francophone Studies” although the “Francophone” disappeared until 2004

1999: University of North Carolina

2000: University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

200l: University of California, Davis

2002: University of Connecticut

2003: University of Illinois

2004: Florida State University; “20th and 21st French and Francophone Studies International Colloquium”

2005: University of Florida

2006: University of Miami

2007: Texas A&M University

2008: Georgetown University

2009: University of Minnesota

2010: University of Guelph

2011: University of San Francisco

2012: California State University, Long Beach, CA

2013: Georgia Institute of Technology

2014: New York University/City University of New York/Columbia University

2015: Louisiana State University

2016: St. Louis University, Washington U, Webster University

2017: University of Indiana, Bloomington

2018: Brown University

2019: Oklahoma City (University of Oklahoma/University of Central Oklahoma/University of Tulsa)

2020: University of Nebraska-Lincoln