Wherever you picture yourself in this world, we can take you there. You’ll be prepared with the tools you need to ensure a rich and fulfilling experience.

Whether you study Arabic, Chinese, Czech, French, German, Japanese, or Spanish, you’re going to learn much more than grammar rules and vocabulary. You’re going to learn about the culture behind them — how they live and breathe in our interconnected, global society. A degree in a second (or third or fourth) language can increase your future earnings.

As the world becomes increasingly connected, language skills and culture experience have never been more critical. Hone those skills and gain that experience, while seeing the world that lies outside the textbook and on the other end of the tablet.

Spanish Tutoring and Writing Center

"The French program instilled in me a love of literature and for the language itself that I feel has guided me to new places I would not have reached without it, namely the position that I will be taking next year. I feel very prepared to use my French in a future graduate program... I have also built great relationships with the faculty who have helped support me my five years in college, and I feel like an important part of the program."

"I think that majoring in German has given me a very well rounded education--it has helped me understand English so much better, but also given me the chance to try to wrap my head around a concept as big as an entire language. Naturally, it has also given me a very tight community at UNL which is important given how big the school is."

"My Spanish program has prepared me to be more diverse and accepting of different ideologies. Not only that, but also has prepared me to be a more well-rounded person because the program challenged me to analyze a lot of different literature and understand the author's intentions, etc. Also, the presentations have prepared me to be a better public speaker."