If you have questions regarding your college career/program that are not specific to obtaining a Czech Studies minor, please contact your assigned advisor, who would be best equipped to meet your needs.

Undergraduate Advisor

Hana Waisserova

Hana Waisserova
Assistant Professor of Practice

(402) 472-3745
1103 Oldfather Hall

Beginning Czeh 101
  • Czech students gathered for photo

  • Chancellor Ronnie Green with Husker Czechs shirt

  • Czech students cooking

  • Czech students filming a movie for class

  • Czech students meeting with the community

  • Czech students at the Czech museum in Wilbur, NE

  • Czech students in cemetery for class activity

  • Czech students at study abroad

  • DMLL Czech Library

  • Czech students listening to speaker

  • Czech students at a study abroad

Czech at UNL

Czech is a Slavic language; you probably already know that. What you might not have noticed before is the fact that you are already close to speaking some Czech at times! Check out some examples of the many Czech words that are very similar to English words and vice versa. In addition to the language, we really love Czech History! The UNL Czech 201 class created a video for the 100th Anniversary of Czech-Slovak Independence. Having fun is an important part of learning. Learning through the creation of films is a fun and important part of the Czech program here at UNL!

Read about the Czech Program in the Daily Nebraskan!

cornhusker czechs shirt
A UNL-themed "Cornhusker Czechs" t-shirt
czech 201 students

Students of Czech 201 on the community stage today, on the World stage tomorrow!

Czech Komenský Club

The principal function of the Czech Komenský Club is to provide events which focus on culture and history and bring together people of diverse backgrounds who share Czech interests. The club, created in 1904, has organized concerts of classical music, lectures, poetry readings, balls, workshops, film screenings and other cultural activities for UNL students as well as for members of the Lincoln community. Students can take part in the activities of the Czech Komenský Club, which meets twice a month for films, lectures and potluck parties. Everyone is welcome!

Visit UNL Czech Komenský Club on Facebook for more information about a film series that includes post-screening interdisciplinary talks and discussions, as well as the Czech March, a celebration of Czech history and culture.