Dr. Isabel Velázquez - New Publication

Photo Credit: Photo of book cover
by Bri Petersen April 21, 2021

Please join the department of Modern Languages and Literatures in celebrating Dr. Isabel Velázquez and her freshly published novel, Una isla. From the publisher, Sudaquia Editores, "Una isla is the story of a woman who has spent her adult life in the Midwest and who is forced to return to her town on the northern border of Mexico because the family home is about to be lost. Someone has been collecting the pension from her dead father for two decades, and the government is threatening to seize them. This is the story of the relationship between two brothers who do not know each other; of the construction of an absent father and the invisibility of a present mother. It is the memory of an aging family, and of a community by the sea that is condemned to repeat itself infinitely because it does not remember its own history. It is also a reflection on memory as the only space shared by families separated by migration".