Transnational Literatures

Ikuho Amano: Japanese Reception of European Literary Discourses, Literary and Cultural Modernity in Japan’s transcultural contexts

José Eduardo González: Latin American cultures and literatures

Julia Frengs: Polynesian and New Caledonian writing, indigenous emancipatory discourse

Ingrid Robyn: Caribbean literature and culture, with a focus on contemporary Cuba, the Caribbean diaspora

Luis Othoniel Rosa: Latin American and Puerto Rican literatures of anarchy

Patricia Anne Simpson: Reception of German culture and studies in the colonial and postcolonial world, transnational discourses of violence and extremism

Hana Waisserova: Central and Eastern European women's transnational literature and cultural memory

Iker González-AllendeIberian literatures and cultures; Basque studies; Spanish exiles and migrations in Europe, Latin America and the United States.

Comparative Literature, Critical and Literary Theory

Ikuho Amano: Literary Theory, Comparative Literature, aesthetics

Jordan Stump: Literary theory

Nora Martin Peterson: Literary theory, comparative literature

Patricia Anne Simpson: Literary theory, comparative literature

José Eduardo González: Literary theory, comparative literature

Luis Othoniel Rosa: Literature and philosophy, literary theory, comparative literature

Julia Frengs: Literary theory

Ingrid Robyn: Neobaroque theory and literature

Creative Writing and Literary Translation, Translation Studies

Ikuho Amano: Literary Translation (Japanese, Italian)

Christina Brantner: Translation of poetry (German)

Ingrid Robyn: Transatlantic and translation studies (Portuguese, Spanish)

Luis Othoniel Rosa: Science fiction, creative writing (Spanish)

Jordan Stump: Literary translation (French)

Pedagogy, Technology in the Classroom, Student Development

Elizabeth Enkin: Second language learning and teaching, with a current specific emphasis on educational/emerging technology (e.g., web-based mobile and virtual reality apps) for language instruction, instructor professional development, outcomes assessment, curriculum design/program direction and Hispanic linguistics.

Edward Dawson: Second Language Studies (German)

Kelly Kingsbury Brunetto: Theatre production (rehearsal and performance) for second language development, second language acquisition and classroom methods and practices, literature and film for second language development, graduate students’ pedagogical development

Lola Lorenzo: Culture and technology in the classroom (Spanish)

Sijia Yao: Teaching Chinese as a foreign language and distance Chinese education, Chinese literature and film studies

Women's and Gender Studies, Queer Studies

Abla Hasan: Islamic feminism, women and gender studies and Arabic studies

Julia Frengs: women’s writing, representations of the body (French/Francophone)

Christina Brantner: Women writers (German)

Iker González-Allende: Masculinities, gender and queer studies (Spanish)

Nora Martin Peterson: Early modern women’s writing, the querelle des femmes

Patricia Anne Simpson: German women writers

Erica Schauer: Queer theory, transgender studies, ritual studies, girls' education, prostitution and the body (French)

Hana Waisserova: Central and Eastern European women transnational literature and cultural memory, women’s totalitarian experience, women’s Holocaust experience, women dissidents


Elizabeth Enkin: Second Language Learning and Teaching, with a current specific emphasis on educational and emerging technology (e.g., web-based mobile and virtual reality apps) for language instruction, instructor professional development, outcomes assessment, curriculum design and program direction and Hispanic linguistics.

Errapel Mejías-Vicandi: Linguistics, syntax, formal semantics, cognitive semantics and pragmatics.

Isabel Velázquez: Sociolinguistic variation, Hispanic linguistics, bilingualism and language acquisition, heritage speaker pedagogy, language contact on the U.S./Mexico border, the role of language in identity formations of U.S. Latinx, linguistic maintenance and loss among Latinx families in the Midwest.

Literary, Cultural and Interdisciplinary Studies, Popular Culture

Ikuho Amano: 20th and 21st-century Japanese literature, economy, material culture, manga, anime, photography

Christina Brantner: Romanticism, the interaction of music, literature and the arts (German)

Julia Frengs: Representations of the body, indigenous empacipatory discourse (French)

Iker González-Allende: 20th and 21st-century Spanish literatures and cultures, exile and migration, national identities, the Spanish Civil War, Basque studies, Francoism and Falange, Memoirs and Letters

José Eduardo González: Popular culture, Recent (21st-century) Latin American literature

Rigoberto Guevara: Latin American modernist poetry, Latin American poetry of human rights, Spanish poetry, Latin American culture and history

Nora Martin Peterson: Early modern French literature and culture, health humanities

Ingrid Robyn: The Latin American avant-garde, comparative studies between literature, visual arts and music, impact of new technologies and regimes of perception in literature and arts

Luis Othoniel Rosa: Puerto Rican and Latin American literature and culture, literature and anarchy

Erica Schauer: Nineteenth-century French studies, girls' education, prostitution and the body

Patricia Anne Simpson: Cultures of violence, exile, popular culture (German)

Hana Waisserova: Czech-American culture in Nebraska

Literatures of the Environment

Edward Dawson: Environmental Humanities (German)

Julia Frengs: Environmental engagement in the Francosphère

Sijia Yao: Chinese eco-literatures

Film Studies

Iker González-Allende: Spanish and Basque cinemas

Sijia Yao: Chinese literature and film studies