Language Lab

Using technology to support language learning and facilitate immersive experiences featuring a Language Lounge, Technology Classroom, and Innovation Workroom.

The lab is usually closed for student holidays, the first week of classes, and finals week.

The Language Lab is currently working on a different schedule due to COVID-19.

Questions? Contact our Lab Manager, Eric Kirschling, at

Language Lounge

302 Burnett Hall
The Language Lounge is a student space that supports group work, individual language practice, tutoring assistance, and communication. It also provides language students with access to various forms of media. It therefore features a DVD player, VCR, and a Google Chromebox that are available for student use and for student projects. Additionally, two 70" screens provide an immersive language environment designed to facilitate learning through international film, music, and news. The Lounge is also used as a space for department-wide events or talks. 
Tutoring with iPads

Technology Classroom

301 Burnett Hall

The Technology Classroom is a language teaching resource that is equipped with ceiling microphones, speakers, web cameras, a projector, and two 70" screens. It can be used to connect with others across the world through video conferencing. But, with the projector, large screens, multiple speakers, and the ability to arrange desks in various different ways, this classroom really shines in creating a technology-infused and immersive space that is perfect for interactive activities and games, such as playing Kahoot! in language courses! We also have iPads available for student use in order to facilitate learner engagement.

Events reserved in the Language Lab are not open to the public unless otherwise noted.

Students in the Language Lab: Technology Classroom.

The Technology Classroom can be reserved by any member of our department on a first come, first serve basis.

Placement Testing

The purpose of placement testing is to determine the optimal entry point into our curriculum for students who have had prior formal language instruction. Placement tests are available only for students of Spanish, French, and German. The placement test is a multiple-choice test that is computerized and adaptive. It will take students approximately 45 minutes to complete. The results of the test will expire after one year. 

Please note that the placement test is used only for course level placement; it is an advising tool, not a proficiency exam, and therefore cannot be used to waive coursework or grant credit.

Innovation Workroom

304 Burnett Hall

The Innovation Workroom is an area in the Lab that provides opportunities for projects in applied linguistics and language pedagogy. The Workroom is equipped with an Amazon Alexa voice assistant device, a MAC featuring Praat phonetics software and Audacity audio editing software, and a sound production platform (with the ability to perform direct line-in recording).

Events reserved in the Language Lab are not open to the public unless otherwise noted.