FLTA from Morocco Leaves Impact in Nebraska

Photo Credit: group photo with FLTA Zakaria Laghmam
by Bri Petersen May 6, 2021

In 2020-2021, the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures hosted a Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant from Morocco, Zakaria Laghmam. Despite the challenges of the year, he was very active in the UNL community and enjoyed sharing his Moroccan culture with students. We are very proud of the impact that Zakaria has had on our department and campus community and are thankful to him for coordinating a beautiful Moroccan day at UNL! 

A message from Zakaria:

Morocco in UNL
Here are some pictures of our event "Morocco Day" celebrating the traditions and cultures of Morocco. I was so happy to meet my students wearing a Moroccan traditional dress called Jellaba with the Fez on the head and Balgha soft leather slippers. I was also pleased to share with students Moroccan culture, language and its rich history. I introduced them to Moroccan food, music, architecture and famous Moroccan cities to visit such as Fez, Marrakech and Casablanca.
My students also had the chance to try Moroccan dresses known as Caftans. Caftans are dresses worn by Moroccan women when they are invited to wedding ceremonies. Dr. Gwyneth Talley, who was a Fulbrighter conducting research in Morocco and now a professor of Anthropology at UNL, helped making this day a wonderful one by bringing the Caftans, and assisting students in wearing them. 
Students were so excited about the Caftans and happy to wear them. They have also received small gifts and souvenirs that I brought for them. It was indeed an amazing event that helped students enrich their knowledge about Morocco and have an authentic Moroccan experience.

Welcome to Morocco

Marhaba Bikom 

Zakaria teaching Group photo in Moroccan cultural garments