Japanese Language & Culture

Japanese is one the fastest growing foreign languages studied in the United States. Besides being the native language of 120 millions Japanese, it is recognized as one of the major languages of commerce and culture in Asia.

The languages also offers the key to an ancient culture that produced the first novel and other innovations. Japanese language is essential to understand Japanese people, culture and business.

For information on specific courses available in Japanese, please visit the Undergraduate Catalog.

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Japanese Minor Advisor

Dr. Ikuho Amano

Work Oldfather Hall (OLDH) 1135
Lincoln NE 68588-0315
Work 402-472-5544 On-campus 2-5544

The minor requirements are spelled out in the Japanese page of the Undergraduate Catalog. If you have questions regarding your college career/program that are not specific to obtaining a Japanese minor, please contact your assigned advisor, who would be best equipped to meet your needs.

Assigned Advisor

Laura Lynn Schafer

Work Oldfather Hall (OLDH) 107
Lincoln NE 68588-0330
Work 402-472-4190 On-campus 2-4190
Activities for Undergraduate Students in Japanese
Japanese Conversation Table

Japanese Conversation Table

The Japanese Conversation Table meets Monday's from 4-5 pm in the Kawasaki Reading Room for Japanese Studies, located in Room 301 of the Jackie Gaughan Multicultural Center.

For more information, please contact Kapil Singh Thakur.