Scholarships and Financial Aid


We offer scholarships twice per academic year to students who have completed at least one full semester at UNL. The Department of Modern Languages & Literatures has a range of scholarships given out at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee. These scholarships can range from $100 - $2,000 depending on the number of applicants and available funds. The largest awards are reserved for students who choose to major in a language, with minors receiving next highest awards.

Scholarships may be applied to through the Education Abroad application process (visit their website here) and the basic scholarship application through MyRed.


Some of the general DMLL scholarships we offer are:

  • Janet and Donald Marine Scholarship. Applicants must:
    • Be enrolled in DMLL courses
    • Be a full-time undergraduates
    • Preference is given to students traveling abroad for language studies (no summer awards given)
  • Martin & Sophia Wagner Scholarship. Applicants must:
    • Be 21 or older
    • Be pursuing the study of a foreign language or langugage in a foreign country through study abroad
    • Have a declared major/minor in a language
  • Grace I. Bridge Scholarship. Applicants must:
    • Be an undergraduate
    • Be involved in German, Slavic, or other Romance languages.
  • Elizabeth A. Grone Scholarship. Applicants must:
    • Be an undergraduate
    • Have a Major or Minor in a language
    • Study Abroad
    • Have good academic merit
  • Harold E. & Phyllis V. Spencer Award for Excellence in Modern Languages. Applicants must:
    • Be a full-time undergraduate
    • Be taking DMLL classes
    • Be enrolled in a Department-approved study abroad program
    • Preference given to Nebraskan/Midwestern high school graduates

Questions about the DMLL-specific scholarships can be directed to the Modern Language email, For general scholarship and financial aid information, visit the University’s website.